Why our clients choose us

Our growth communication and consulting services are based on tailor-made concepts. Our solutions reflect years of results-driven expertise and industry experience.

We currently focus on the following industries and areas: Conventional and renewable energies as well as marine, machinery, plant and electrical engineering, industrial services, chemical, biotechnology, healthcare, real estate and municipal companies.

“The know-how of Intellisource and the results generated provide important and reliable support for us.”
Vice President Corporate Marketing, 2009

Some recent examples of our projects:

Case Studies: Market and Growth Communication

Communication campaigns, trade press relations for active innovation communication as well as studies and media cooperation – we generate attention to the topics, products and solutions of our clients.

International press relations: Life Sciences

Public affairs: Bank loan behavoiur and credit information

Technical trade press relations: Campaign at major trade show

International media relations in targeted print magazines worldwide

Corporate communication: Presentation of the new CEO to the professional public

References: German and international trade press publications – Windenergy, offshore, onshore

Case Studies: Market and Growth Consulting

The positioning of people and ideas. The development of business models, product marketing and trend research – we help our clients with their growth strategy.

Business model development, planning and implementation of industry forum

Intelligence and Strategy Development:
Market trends, competitors, sustainability as a communication platform

Consulting and communication:
Product development- sustainability certificate for existing buildings