Who we are

Consultancy and agency for the B2B and B2C communication of complex technical and scientific content, products and solutions – we are a team of experienced specialists, communicators, managers and editors, having celebrated our 15th year anniversary in 2017.

Our clients see us as:

  • Passionate service providers and communicators
  • Reliable and experienced consultants, editors and project managers who make a difference
  • A inspiring partner promoting products, services, solutions and innovations


Thomas Fornoff founded Intellisource in December of 2001. The idea: A holistic approach which combines Communication, Marketing and Sales is more effective for increasing revenue and improving image.

This approach is based on our experience in Marketing and Sales as well as Press and Investor Relations, gained while working at various firms, agencies and editorial offices. This expertise makes interdisciplinary solutions possible that go far beyond just individual and creative measures. With our team and lean organizational structure, we are committed to a more effective communication, marketing and sales support.

„Today, everyone is both public and target group“

A holistic approach comprising of Trade Press Services, Marketing and Sales is the basis for increasing market share in the future.

With the rapid diffusion of messages on social networks and highly mobile interest groups, a schematic-stable separation in classical target groups is no longer tenable. Today, everyone is both public and target group: Each customer, investor, shareholder, politician, scientist or employee is a decision maker, a multiplier and a private person at the same time. Companies now have to improve and sustain the quality of the information they provide in order to reduce uncertainty, build trust and credibility.

Your contact person: Thomas Fornoff

Areas of specialization:

  • Product and business model development
  • Development and implementation of integrated marketing and communication strategy
  • Coaching of Leaders and Teams
  • Organizational development, change management processes

Profile of Thomas Fornoff


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