Growth Consulting

We help our customers to develop and market their products, innovations and ideas more effectively.

Innovation, strategy development, integrated sales channel communication – we develop tailor-made solutions for your business model to open up new growth potential and enable more proximity to customers.

  1. Intelligence
    We support in the evaluation of the market environment, marketing activities and customer behavior:
    – Analyzing customer acquisition and retention methods
    – Structuring of communication and decision making processes
    – Studying trends, markets and opinions
  2. Strategy development
    We assist in the development of market entry strategies, business models and appropriate communication strategies:
    – Positioning of brands, people and ideas
    – Development of business models and planning of market entry
    – Planning and organizing Sales, PR and Marketing activities
  3. Consulting, coaching and project management
    We accompany our clients along the chosen strategy path and assist in result-oriented implementation:
    – Support through project consulting and coaching services
    – Partnering for innovation and product, and market development activities
    – Optimizing the communication and marketing mix and accelerating sales